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Ben, also known as York On A Fork, is a local food blogger who has a real passion for writing about local food and supporting local businesses.

Name: York on a Fork (Ben Thorpe)

Blog URL/Vlog channel:
Niche: Food, lifestyle, family, motoring, most things I get up to!
Instagram: @yorkonafork
Twitter: @yorkonafork
Facebook page: @yorkonafork

Describe your blog/channel and what it’s all about:
Originally focussing on food and restaurants in York, the arrival of Baby Fork made me reassess the breadth of content and relax things a bit. While food remains the main focus I’ll cover anything I enjoy or we enjoy as a family that I feel able to write well about.

When did you begin blogging/vlogging and how did it all start?
In 2014 when I was talked into it by my girlfriend (now wife). It seemed a good way of justifying going out for dinner a lot! I had no idea what it would turn into at that point.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?
I went through 2 different website platforms before migrating to WordPress. This was a massive pain and very time consuming, stick with the line of least resistance!

Any tips for anyone interested in starting up their own blog or vlog channel?
Make sure you stick to talking about things you’re passionate about and can speak about with authority. Sponsored posts are fine if you can build the following that warrants them but make sure to pick the ones that work for your audience.

The best thing about blogging/vlogging:
I’ve made great friends, been invited on some fantastically memorable events and found work through blogging. It’s a huge shift from my previous career in financial services IT.

What’s the thing you find most challenging about blogging/vlogging/influencer marketing to date?
Having the confidence to place value on my time and skip opportunities that don’t have the right profile

Have done any cool reviews/attended any awesome events recently? If so, what?
A good deal of Afternoon Teas recently, a chef’s table event, a few review meals and event invites. I’ve a few fun things on the horizon.

Tell us about your favourite post/video you’ve worked on?
I couldn’t pick a favourite. If it’s working with passionate and talented people it’s invariably fun.

Describe your blog/channel in four words:
York on a Fork!

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