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Our next Q&A is with Tori, aka IndigoRosee. Tori is a very inspiring person and has achieved wonderful things, including starting her own business – IndigoRosee Beauty.

Name: Tori Tyreman

Blog URL:

I don’t think I really have one, unless you class documenting my life as a niche! I mainly operate in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle area, but also talk a lot about owning a business as a student too. 

Instagram: @indigorosee and @indigoroseebeauty
Twitter: @indigorosee
Facebook page: @indigoroseebeauty

Describe your blog and what it’s all about:
My blog is a document of my life… and I love that! It’s so cool that I can look back on a documentation of my teenage life over the past 3 years and hopefully many more to come. I document my life and everything that I love, so at the moment I talk a lot about student life and owning a business, but that has changed so much over the years and I hope it changes in the future too. 

When did you begin blogging and how did it all start?
I was such a YouTube child and from the age of 12 was obsessed with the ‘brit crew’ youtubers. I really wanted to start my own YouTube channel (still haven’t hahaha) but I was such a shy kid and didn’t feel confident dealing with the inevitable situation of people picking on me at school for it… so I opted for my blog instead. My blog is my happy corner of the internet where I can post what I want and its just mine, and I’m so grateful that I did as 3 years on I’m still loving it just as much as when I started. 

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?
What SEO is!! No seriously, I didn’t understand just how much goes into behind the scenes of my blog and for the first 18 months I just wrote posts and uploaded them without a care in the world. And then I wondered why my DA was so low when I hadn’t optimised any of them. My job over the past 6 months has been optimising them all, and although my DA is slowly going up its such a long and boring task that I could have just done as I went along. There is so much more that goes into blogging that nobody sees when they see the finished post! 

Any tips for anyone interested in starting up their own blog?
Just do it. I was thinking about it for so long but so nervous of the ‘what if’s?’. What if it was perfect? What if nobody read it? and for that matter….What if someone did read it? But you just need to do it, it doesn’t matter if its not perfect (your first few posts never will be) and try it. I wish I had done it so much earlier and when I just started thinking about it, as I would be so much further down the line in my career now. Its crazy what hindsight does! 

The best thing about blogging:
1000% the people. Over the past 3 years I have built a small community, but it is one that has my back and will support me with whatever I decide to do. Plus the friends I have made are incredible and every single one of them deserves recognition. Most of them I will have never known otherwise but because of blogging we have been brought together and I am so grateful. They say ‘internet friends’ aren’t real but I can tell you without any doubt they are, and they are amazing.

What’s the thing you find most challenging about blogging/influencer marketing to date?
I find the time management side of things hard. Realistically, my blog has to come at the bottom of my priority list (university is obviously a priority and as far as a career goes, my beauty business is earning more money) however I love blogging with all of my heart and I WANT it to be my priority. I have never really missed an upload (apart from an unintentional week I had off when I was in hospital but you can forgive me for that), and that’s because I love it. Yes, it should take a backseat and University needs to be the focus but if that means I get up earlier to write a blog post, then that is exactly what I shall do. Its so hard to time manage when this isn’t my full time job, but its so worth it.

Have done any cool reviews/attended any awesome events recently? If so, what?
I think the coolest event I have ever been to has to be my own launch party, but I think that’s cheating! Besides from that, my favourite event I have attended is a Kiss event in Manchester. It was the first event I had done in Manchester and I felt rather out of my depth, but I loved it regardless. The venue was outstanding (cloud 23 on Deansgate) and I can remember spending most of the night staring out of the window at the view and just thinking about how far I have come. Who thought when I pressed upload on my first blog post in 2016 I would be standing in one of Manchester’s fanciest bars, drinking free cocktails and networking with people way beyond my years. It was incredible.

Tell us about your favourite post you’ve worked on?
My favourite posts to write are my yearly round ups, where I share my top 10 moments of the year.  I always write them when I am feeling really Christmassy and reflective, curled up on the sofa and just pour myself into my blog for a few hours. Its so nice to reminisce on all the amazing moments and see how far you have come in the year, plus its amazing for me to look back on as well when I need cheering up.

Describe your blog in four words:
Diverse, honest, motivating and informative. I hope anyway!

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