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Our first Q&A is with instablogger (Instagram based blogger), Lucy. Lucy’s feed is full of great beauty, travel and lifestyle content.

Name: Lucy Artley-Swiers

Blog URL/Vlog channel: I run an instablog

Niche: Lifestyle, beauty, fashion

Instagram: Lu.Reviews
Twitter: Lu_Reviews
Facebook page: You can find it by searching Lu Reviews on Facebook

Describe your blog/channel and what it’s all about:
I review stuff! Mostly beauty products but I also review events and other interesting things I come across. I also like to document my travels and talk about larger issues, mainly sustainability.

When did you begin blogging/vlogging and how did it all start?
I’ve blogged on and off since university, as I was told I needed a blog as part of my course. Lu Reviews came about in 2016 when I decided that I wanted to get back into some sort of blogging. I decided to use Instagram as my platform as I think it’s very readily accessible and I find it easier to maintain than a website.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?
That it’s ok to take breaks! At first I was very paranoid about missing a posting schedule, but the fact is that life is busy and sometimes other things have to come first, and your audience is ok with that. 

Any tips for anyone interested in starting up their own blog or vlog channel?
Don’t force it, just write or video what you love and it should come naturally.

The best thing about blogging/vlogging:
The interactions with your audience, or with brands that see that you’ve posted about them, I think Instagram is pretty good for that.

What’s the thing you find most challenging about blogging/vlogging/influencer marketing to date?
Building an audience, especially through social media as the rules change all the time in terms of what type of content is preferred and how it gets into the feeds of your followers.

Have done any cool reviews/attended any awesome events recently? If so, what?
The Body Shop in Liverpool arranged for me and a group of friends, for my best friend’s hen do, to go and have skincare consultations and facials. It was a great experience and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Tell us about your favourite post/video you’ve worked on?
I’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing all my experiences on my holiday in California. I love travel and I think it’s great to share with others looking to travel what’s worth using your time to visit or take part in! 

Describe your blog/channel in four words:
Friendly, informative, relatable, diverse.

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