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Natalie is a blogger from York, who has recently relocated to the UAE for work. She will hopefully be back with us over Christmas in York, and after she’s done some travelling.

Name: Natalie Hanson

Blog URL:

Niche: I don’t really have a niche, but my blog has various travel, lifestyle and beauty and skincare themes.

Instagram: @nataliehansonblog
Twitter: @natali3hans0n
Facebook page: @nataliehansonblog
Pinterest: @natali3hans0n

Describe your blog/channel and what it’s all about:

I mainly just document my life really. My blog mainly branches into anything lifestyle and travel related. But, I also cover various other areas including beauty, university life, food, and theatre. Just a bit of everything really.

When did you begin blogging/vlogging and how did it all start?

Having a blog was something I’d thought about for a long time, especially having followed bloggers and vloggers for years. A friend of a friend had a blog and I just thought what is actually stopping me from doing this for myself, so I just went and made one. Wow, was it a shock though. Unless you’re a blogger, you completely underestimate how complicated the whole process can be at first. But, it was worth it and I love blogging. I’m so happy I made the little spontaneous decision to just do it and not care what others thought!

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?

Like previously mentioned, how much truly goes into blogging. At the face of it yes it just seems like a bit of writing and some photos to go alongside it. BUT, there’s a whole wealth of tricky little bits like SEO, sharing, plugins and widgets that need to be optimised to make your blog run.

Any tips for anyone interested in starting up their own blog or vlog channel?

JUST DO IT! I am so proud of how much I’ve learnt, the people I’ve met, and what opportunities blogging has given me. All the overthinking and fear of judgement has been completely thrown out of the window. Over the last two years my confidence in my blog has grown massively, to a point where I am happy to share my blog with people in the ‘real’ world and not just the ‘internet’ world. You definitely won’t regret it.

The best thing about blogging/vlogging:

Oh, it has to be the people and of course the York Bloggers community. I wouldn’t have met these people if it hadn’t been for blogging and these ‘internet friends’ are just as true as my ‘real’ friends. I just wish we were able to see one another more. They support, inspire and are truly amazing, and I love seeing them do bigger and better things with their brands, businesses and blogs/Youtube channels!

What’s the thing you find most challenging about blogging/vlogging/influencer marketing to date?

SEO. Sorry, like what!? Only after buying my own domain and going self-hosted did I start to see the true complicated nature of blogging. I am still learning new things all the time, but I’m getting there.

Have done any cool reviews/attended any awesome events recently? If so, what?

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to a few recently. Some definite favourites have to be attending a Cokctail Masterclass at Jalou York and with that a second visit for the launch of Indigo Rosee Beauty, visiting Paulos Circus and a couple of theatre visits too which have been amazing. The most fun and exciting event has to be the Moxy York Launch, which was SO much fun.

Tell us about your favourite post/video you’ve worked on?

My favourite posts generally are my travel posts, simply because I appreciate the opportunities to go abroad and see new places so much. I’m currently working on my Iceland Travel Diary series, where I talk through what we did each day whilst out in Iceland earlier in the year. I love looking back through the photos and seeing how truly beautiful Iceland is. If you want to give the series a read, click here to be redirected. As well of this, I’m excited to document the next new chapter in my life, which involves a big move to the UAE.

Describe your blog/channel in four words:

Varied, Adventurous, Fun and Real.

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