Louise Rose Railton – Blogger & Twitch Streamer (LouiseRoseGaming)

Louise is the founder of the York Bloggers network, which was established in 2016. Louise runs the York Bloggers network alone, but it has turned into a supportive community of local bloggers, vloggers and influencers. As well as her main blog (LouiseRoseRailton.com), Louise also runs a York based food blog, Feast Upon York. Since January 2021, Louise has also started to gain a following as a Twitch streamer.

Name: Louise Rose Railton

Blog URL/Vlog channel: LouiseRoseRailton.com and louiserosegaming – Twitch

I’d class myself as a lifestyle blogger, as I cover such a variety of topics including travel, food, mental health, Disney, fashion, beauty and more! On Twitch I stream myself playing games and bullet journaling.

Instagram: @louiseroseblog
Twitter: @louiseroseblog
Facebook page: LouiseRoseRailton.com on Facebook

Describe your blog/channel and what it’s all about:
I mostly document my life and write about the things which interest me. I’m very passionate about promoting self care and raising awareness of mental health. I earn a part time wage each month from my blog.

When did you begin blogging/vlogging and how did it all start?
When I was at University, we were told to start our own blogs. It took me a while to pluck up the courage, as I didn’t think people would be interested in hearing/reading what I had to say. My blog actually started off as a fashion blog, but has evolved over the years into other subjects – as my life and interests have also changed.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?
If anything, I wish I had started my blog a lot sooner than I did. I wish I’d had a bit more confidence in myself.

Any tips for anyone interested in starting up their own blog or vlog channel?
Do it – don’t hesitate! Don’t wait like I did, as I don’t really think there’s ever a “correct time”. It’s important to remember that although you can earn money from blogging, it takes a while for most bloggers and influencers to get to that level and a lot of hard work. It isn’t an “easy money maker”, as it requires so much time and dedication.

The best thing about blogging/vlogging:

The community, and the friends I’ve made! It’s really cool that we all have blogging/vlogging in common and I’ve even been on trips to Amsterdam and Disney Land Paris with some of my blogger friends which we planned and organised together.

What’s the thing you find most challenging about blogging/vlogging/influencer marketing to date?
SEO can be quite complex and isn’t necessarily easy to wrap your head around. I enjoy the time management aspect of blogging, as I like to be organised.

Have done any cool reviews/attended any awesome events recently? If so, what?
There have been so many awesome events recently, especially in York. There was the bloggers cocktail masterclass at Jalou York. The launch party for Indigo Rosee Beauty was also brilliant. A really memorable event for me was the VIP launch of Carluccio’s in York, as it was also a celebration of Antonio Carluccio’s birthday which I think I will always remember and it’s such a fond memory of mine.

Tell us about your favourite post/video you’ve worked on?
A favourite of mine which I recently worked on was a collaboration with a brand who paid me to go to Manchester for a day out. I was given a budget and got to plan/organise the whole day myself. It was so fun and such a unique experience. You can read all about my Manchester trip here.

Describe your blog/channel in four words:

Friendly, realistic, passionate and adventurous.

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