Connecting bloggers & brands

Introducing York Bloggers events (in association with Sheffield Bloggers / York Bloggers). Aiming to bring bloggers, brands and businesses from York and across Yorkshire together – to collaborate. Whether this is in the form of events, reviews, networking opportunities and more.

Upcoming events:

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Previous events organised by us include:

The SteelCityBlogMeet was organised by myself and some of my blogger friends. We aimed to connect brands with local bloggers, whilst giving bloggers the opportunity to network and raise money for RSPCA Sheffield. We had 30 spaces in total, with 27 bloggers turning up on the day – which was an AMAZING turn out. We also had some amazing guest speakers and the Sheffield Star (thanks to Billie) showed up during, to write about/photograph the event.

If you have any questions or are a brand and would like to get in touch about possible opportunities, please email us on